Summit "Terminology: Interaction and Diversity"

Brussels on 13th–15th June 2002

The EAFT, the European Association for Terminology, in association with several international terminology networks and with the Union Latine as responsible for all logistical matters, organised a Terminology Summit in the Palais des Congrès in Brussels on 13th, 14th and 15th June 2002.. The aim was to study the possibilities of establishing an infrastructure for terminology in Europe, which could also be of use to other regions of the world.

A pre-conference was organised by the EAFT on the 22nd and 23rd November 2001 in Brussels. Among its results was a list of themes to be dealt with during the Terminology Summit. Among the points to be highlighted the following could be mentioned:


  • What kind of terminological infrastructure should be proposed and what results can be expected from international co-operation?
  • Who are the users of terminology and what do they expect from existing structures?
  • How can terminology help to promote multilingualism and what political proposals should be put forward?
  • How should terminology training be reoriented in order to make the profession attractive and flexible?
  • What can be expected from a terminologist and what is expected from him/her by his/her possible collaborators?
  • How can different kinds of data (terminological, referential, etc.) best be stored, exchanged and reused?
  • What is the real commercial value of terminology?
  • What is the legal framework for terminological information and how can copyright matters best be handled in connection to exchanges of terminological data?
  • What is the quality and diversity of the terminological data which is currently being presented on-line?

Invited speakers included subject field experts (technology, human sciences, administration) and people from different sectors of society (industry, research, politics) who daily use terminology or who have been reflecting on terminological problems. Also representatives from other sectors of society who have been confronted with terminological problems and who have found original solutions to these problems.

The event had several official languages: English, French, Spanish, and Dutch, and it was broadcast live over the Internet. This enabled a larger, virtual, audience, in several countries, to participate in the event.





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