The 2nd interdisciplinary conference on National languages in academic research and higher education Tallinn, Estonia (7-8 October 2021)

Registration deadline: September 20th

The Centre for Academic Estonian (teaduskeelekeskus) at the Tallinn University gladly invites to the second international conference National languages in academic research and higher education, to be held in Tallinn, Estonia. The conference is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia and EAFT-AET. The aim of the event is to confer on the current situation of national languages in the globalising world of science, dealing with every kind of achievements and problems of using national or state languages in academia. We welcome discussion on contemporary tendencies of using diverse mother tongues for academic research and higher education of any speciality, and on different solutions on how to reach a sustainable balance between national and international, multilingual scientific work and communication.

Please register here https://nataclang2020.com/ 

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