Theme 1: Terminology Policies and Planning

In recent years, declarations in relation to terminological work and aspects of terminology planning have been written and signed by some terminology associations, institutions and organisations in order to promote cooperation in terminology and the regulation of specific aims in line with the objectives and ideologies of the signatories. We refer, for example, to the Brussels Declaration, signed after the 2002 Terminology Summit, as well as the declaration proposed in the ADNOM project and UNESCO’s Guidelines for Terminology Policies.

We invite people to reflect on the content, importance and role of these regulatory documents for the development of terminology work and for the status of terminology in society.

The terminologist ought, for example, to work by defining and implementing a linguistic and terminological policy for the sector in point, including evaluation of effective and correct utilisation of terminologies. The systematic implantation of terminological is necessary for:


  • handling linguistic and cultural diversity in general;
  • systematic organisation of knowledge at a professional level;
  • international communication accrued in a society working more and more in networks;
  • the comprehensive workings of economic markets.

With these four vectors at the point of departure, we would like to discuss, among other things, the relationships between policies – as outlined in the different documents - and terminology planning.


  • What are the underlying objectives of these regulatory activities?
  • Are the documents produced through these examples of policy useful to the public at whom they are directed?
  • What role does standardization play in terminological activities?
  • Ought the terminologist participate in applying a linguistic and terminological policy for the sector in point along with the evaluation of effective and correct use of terminologies?




Terminologie Internationale : Traduction et Normalisation
5-7 October

Training: Current issues in phraseology
17-19 October

RiTerm 2018
XVI Simposio de la Red Iberoamericana de Terminología 
23–26 October

AETER workshop
16 November
University of Alicante

IX EAFT Terminology Summit 
22-23 November
San Sebastian
Basque Country

I Congreso internacional “Traducción y sostenibilidad cultural: sustrato, fundamentos y aplicaciones
28-30 November

TOTh workshop
6 December
Kedge Business School, Marseille