Internation Conference Training in Terminology in Bucharest

International Conference Training in Terminology

ASE (Academia de Studii Economice) of Bucharest in collaboration with EAFT organized an International Conference Training in Terminology. The conference took place on November 3-4, 2011 at Bucharest.


Terminology training concerns both training institutions/organizations and their beneficiaries, be it professionals of this trade, future terminologists, translators, interpreters or companies and institutions that employ them.

The conference was organized in Bucharest by ASE of Bucharest in partnership with EAFT. It aimed primarily at providing a framework for a wide-ranging exchange of experiences on the diversity of terminology training with regard to target audiences, the content to be taught and the strategies and techniques of teaching according to an approach which should be both theoretical, methodological and applicable. Thus the objectives of the conference were to provide an institutional framework for terminology training and, besides, to discuss the involvement of terminology associations in raising awareness of the role of terminology training.

Taking into account the challenges of such a subject matter, it was regarded as essential to strive for the opening up of barriers between the concerned academic, administrative and business environments.






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