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Festschrift in honor of Maja Bratanić


The Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics published the book Svijet od riječi. Terminološki i leksikografski ogledi [A World Made of Words. Terminological and Lexico graphic Discussions], a festschrift in honor of Maja Bratanić, eminent Croatian linguist and a long-time member of the EAFT.The book edited by Ivana Brač and Ana Ostroški Anić is a collection of papers in the fields of lexicography, lexicology, terminology and terminography, written by 27 authors in Croatian and English.You can find more information here.Order it on ihjj.hr or write to ured@ihjj.hr.

Outside the frames: New challenges in terminology work


Join us for a free terminology seminar Outside the frames: New challenges in terminology work, organized by the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, that will be held virtually via Zoom on March 5, 2021. Invited speakers will talk about doing terminology work outside its traditional framework of specialized communities, especially work intended for the general public. We kindly ask you to register here:  https://forms.gle/wTGdVprQtXsHcnp98.For details on the final program, follow http://ihjj.hr/dika/ and @DIKAterminology on Twitter.