Call for nominations 2012

The awards are open to candidates from all over the world. The evaluation of the theses and/or dissertations received will focus on the innovative content of the works and on how they contribute towards further developing applied research and development in the field of terminology.


The Jury composition is the following:


Corina Lascu-Cilianu, president, (Académie d'Études Économiques de Bucarest, Romania)

Anna-Lena Bucher (TNC, Sweden)

Teresa Cabré (IULA, Spain)

Georgeta Ciobanu (Timisoara University, Romania)

Rute Costa (TERMIP, Portugal)

Havard Hjulstad (Standard Norge, Norway)

M. Teresa Zanola (Assiterm; Realiter, Italy)

Nicole Sevigny (Bureau de la traduction, Quebec)



Nominations must be submitted before April 2, 2012.


Jury note


The EAFT secretariat and the President of the Awards Jury have received several enquiries regarding point 1.2 of the EAFT regulations:


“Candidates for the above-mentioned Awards may be nominated by any academic institution. All applications must be accompanied by the full name and address of the submitting institution as well as those of the candidate together with a copy of the latter’s CV. A copy of the dissertation or thesis must be sent in (one) hard copy as well as in electronic format together with a statement in support of the dissertation or thesis by the submitting institution to the EAFT Secretariat. This justification should not exceed one A-4 page."


The EAFT Board has considered the matter in close liaison with the President of the Awards Jury and announces the following:


·         The Jury can accept more than one nomination from the same university only if the nominated dissertations or theses come from different faculties (Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Humanities, for instance). A university department or unit may submit only one nomination.


·        The statement has to be signed by a representantive of the academic institution. It may be the President of the institution, but that is not obligatory.


·         The hard copy and the electronic file may be sent in on different dates, but always before the deadline for nominations.



Contact :


EAFT Secretariat :

Mallorca, 272
08037 Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)


REGULATIONS for the International Terminology Awards


The Award Ceremony will take place on the occasion of the Sixth Terminology Summit which will be held in Oslo (Norway) on October 12th, 2012.


International Terminology Awards 2012

Coinciding with the celebration of the Terminology Summit, the International Terminology Awards 2012 were given. Eight valid candidatures were submitted for the 2012 Awards. An international jury, chaired by Corina Lascu-Cilianu, examined the works. There were two prizes available: the International Award for Outstanding Achievement in Theoretical/Fundamental Research in the Field of Terminology and the International Award for Applied Terminology Research and Development.


The results were announced by the president of the jury on 12 October 2012 and the winners received a commemorative diploma and a grant, jointly sponsored by TermNet. 


The Winners


A. International award for outstanding achievement in applied research and development 2012


  • Marie Calberg-Challot “Dynamique de la Lange et de la terminologie dans le domaine de l’énergie nucléaire” (PhD, University of Savoie).

B. The international award for outstanding achievement in theoretical/fundamental research in the field of terminology – 2012


  • Úna Bhreathnach “A Best-Practice Model for term Planning (PhD, Dublin City University).
  • Natalia Seghezzi “Variación terminológica y canal de comunicación. Estudio contrastivo de textos especializados escritos y orales sobre lingüística” (PhD, University Pompeu Fabra)





Terminology research in musicology and the humanities
25 -26 May

4-6 July
Lyon 2 University

First International Conference in Terminology
Tbilisi, 14-16 September

IX EAFT Terminology Summit 
22-23 November
San Sebastian
Basque Country